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Thursday, January 27

Stick Together Kit

Today is all about sticking together! Some people (those non-crafters!) think glue is glue but boy are they wrong! In crafting, there's a different adhesive for different uses---right?? I can't tell you how many different things I have for sticking stuff together! Because of that, today's steal has FOUR different packages of Glue Dots brand adhesives----

Vellum Glue Dots are double-sided, transparent adhesive dots for bonding vellum, transparencies, skeleton leaves, glass, and acrylic embellishments. Vellum Glue Dots are transparent even on dark backgrounds. Finally, a superior transparent adhesive!
* Package contains 10 sheets of transparent glue dots
* Resealable Pouch
* Truly Transparent
* Bonds Instantly

The strength of Glue Dots in a clear line! 1 Inch Glue Lines are faster and safer than hot glues. Perfect for adhering heavy and bulky embellishments.
* Contains 200 lines
* Each line measures 3/16" wide x 1" long
* Works great with fibers and ribbons

The Mini Dot N’ Go applies Glue Dots Brand Adhesives quickly and easily to clean, dry surfaces. Use on paper, plastic, metal, wood, foam and more! Ideal for bonding tiny items like rhinestones, charms, buttons and fibers.

* Easy, Precise Application
* Super-Strength, Instant Bond
* No Mess
* Acid Free

Contains 300 Adhesive Dots that measure approximately 3/16” in diameter

Pop Up Glue Dots, are an extra-thick double sided, pressure sensative adhesive product. Ideal for adding a dramatic, 3-dimensional quality to scrapbooks, stamping projects, dioramas, or any other unique crafts.

* Faster to use than foam tape products
* Works on paper, plastic, and more
* Use with beads and glitter, too.
* Ideal for all your scrapbooking, card making and other paper crafting projects

This awesome package is worth over $22 retail!!! But since we crafters have to stick together (get it??? LOL), we're offering a 50% discount----only $10.99!!! You can stick on a lot of stuff for that deal!!!

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