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Monday, June 27

Roly-Your-Own-Flower!! -- NEW!!!

Imaginisce knows that sometimes you need just the right "thing-a-ma-jigger" or "watch-a-ma-call-it" to do a particular job, or fill a particular need, in the crafting world. Welcome to Imaginesce's new line of Tools. Petal Roller- This tool is double-ended with a ball stylus tip on one end and a slotted rod on the other. Perfect for use with Imaginisce's Roly Rosies and Pop-up Posies new paper flower die cuts. Use the ball end for putting the perfect curves on the petals and leaves, then use the slot end for curling and rolling the petals in on themselves.  
These flowers from Imaginisce are magical! What begins as a flat spiral instantly becomes a textured, gorgeous, 3D blossom. Add ink, a wash or spray then simply take your Petal Roller tool  and start rolling the outside of the spiral and keep going! Ready to dress up your next project? Let's get rolling!

Not only do you get the roller in today's deal, but 2 packages of flowers!! That's 24 flowers!

Roly Rosies - Paper - Neutral -- Each package includes 18 floral pieces (three sizes in six styles) that measure approximately 3" to 4.25".

Roly Posies - Fabric - Newsprint -- Each package includes six fabric pieces (two each of three styles) that measure approximately 4.25".

Watch how to make the roses HERE -- it's SOOO easy!!!

All together, the tool & flowers normally retail for $19.99 but we have it here for only $11.99!!! And you'll get 24 flowers that YOU personalized!! That's an awesome deal & you'll be able to make even MORE flowers out of any paper once you make your first one!

acid & lignin free
$1.75 shipping additional

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