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Tuesday, March 29

Need Circles??

Need circles? Then today's deal is the perfect tool for you! I'm totally a "gadget geek" and love new tools---so this caught my eye when I saw it. I knew I had to have it---and you will, too!

This large circle cutter cuts perfect circles from 4-inches to 12-inches in diameter at 1/8 inch increments. Double-sided blade allows both clockwise and counterclockwise cutting. When not in use, store blade in designated notched docking area on base of handle. Soft-grip handle and shuttle for precise cutting and control. Includes 3 blades. And with Martha Stewart's name on it, you know you can't go wrong.

Haven't seen one in action? Then check out this video for a sweet, quick lesson --

Instead of paying $20, you can get your cutter here for only $12.99! And with low shipping, you can't pass it up!

$3.75 shipping additional

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