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Thursday, March 3

Vintage Love Kit

Vintage is my absolutely favorite style!! I've tried doing other stuff but it keeps turning into something with a vintage twist. Today's kit would be something right up my alley & I'd have to get it in a heartbeat! And Glitz is one company that I love to follow since it's so much my style. Glitz Design started out with one idea that has grown into a full-fledged scrapbook company, carrying original paper, stickers, rub-ons, stamps, rhinestone strips and much more.

You'll receive:

* Glitz Vintage Love Calendar stamp
* Glitz Vintage Love Compass stamp
Each stamp sheet is 3 x 3 inches and has 16 re-mountable clear stamps. Line up multiple stamps to create the perfect image. Stamps can be combined on the mount and then placed exactly where you want them, thanks to the visibility these clear stamps afford the stamper.

* Glitz Vintage Love cardstock stickers
* Glitz Distressed Couture (fabulous!) rub-ons
With a craft stick, your finger, whatever - it's really that simple. Rub it on to your layout, card, or project and you're done. 6 x 6 inch sheets. (archival safe)

* Bazill Modern Buttons in black -- Everyone has a button collection in a special container or just loose in a rarely used drawer. In the “old days” buttons were saved because they were necessary. Today they are collected because they are so cute and make a great addition to so many paper craft projects. These Modern buttons from Bazzill Basics measure approximately .75”. Each package includes ten buttons.

What makes it even better is the 65% off retail price!!! That's right--only $8.99 for this almost $20 kit!! But we only have a few so grab your deal for steal soon!

$3.25 shipping additional

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